Art Object Repair & Conservation
Art Hanging & Mounting

Alexis Kane is privileged to be entrusted with the repair and conservation of a wide range of Art Objects from museum grade pieces of historical significance, to the personally valued keepsakes of private clients. She is knowledgeable and experienced in conservation standards and principals practiced and taught by the Smithsonian Institute and uses conservation grade reversible materials. Proficient in the repair and conservation of all wood, gilt and painted objects, she also works on metal, stoneware, baskets as well as curios, gadgets and collectibles. She understands that preserving and stabilizing a piece are the primary goals. However, she also brings to her repairs the artistic skill and restoration experience that insure a balance of historical preservation with repairs that are minimally invasive and respect the integrity of the piece, yet leave it with a look of cared for beauty.

Alexis Kane Studios also creates special mounts for small sculptures and objects and is able to assist in insuring your valuable pieces are properly hung and installed to prevent damage in the event of an earthquake.

Alexis Kane is listed with the Seattle Art Museum, has worked on special projects for The Washington State Capital Furnishings Preservation Committee, and for the last 15 years, has been the chief restorer for Kagedo Japanese Art and Antiquities. Alexis Kane Studios, Inc. is both licensed and insured.