Alexis Kane

Alexis Kane is the artist, mixologist, problem solver and guide, behind all AK Studios’ projects, large and small. She brings a unique skill set to the tasks at hand. A multi-media artist with graduate degrees in narrative and film theory, she has always owned her own business as a fine woodworker, art and antique restorer, color and finish specialist and consultant. She has extensive experience in, and deeply enjoys, working closely with homeowners, design teams and construction experts to help translate visions and ideas into beautiful and enduring material manifestations.


The AK Studios’ team includes a small core of skilled artists who carry out the often arduous and always perfectionist requirements of various architectural finishing tasks. At the same time, we don’t hesitate to team with other professionals in related fields when their additional expertise can best further the needs of a project. Well networked in the greater Seattle area, AK Studios only works with the best. However, the best goes beyond skill in craft: our work teams are well known for their ability to collaborate and adapt in the midst of a fast changing, disparate, and sometimes tense construction site. “A skilled and refreshing presence” is what you experience when AK Studios comes to the job!