Architectural Finishing & Custom Coloration

In the field of custom finishing, we are technically skilled as well as uniquely creative and passionate in our pursuit of beauty and durability.  We know the characteristics of all wood-species and their veneers as well as their historical use as elements in interior and exterior construction, cabinetry, and furniture. Likewise, we know the history and characteristics of coloration and finish methods and along the way have developed a number of our own proprietary applications.  Our specialty is an uncanny ability to produce what you envision.

Typically, a homeowner and or design team, will give us a challenge. And like all challenges, no two are ever the same. The challenge always begins with making samples and ends with the surprise and happiness of the client. (Note: We love to consult on veneer cuts and mill products before they are ordered and manufactured. It’s a plus for all concerned!)

Finally, since our goal is non-toxic sustainable BEAUTY we are experts in and champions of traditional shellac French Polish. Please see more about this under Methods.